About Us

We are a support group for people who have or are expecting multiple birth children. We meet once a month and offer a “support group” for new parents by giving them an opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences. We also offer a mentor program to help you.

HoweThe club helps new parents gain insight into the unique aspects of raising multiples. This is accomplished through speakers and discussion groups. Through these resources, parents may become more aware of the important need for encouraging and supporting individuality among their multiples and also gain the tools to help the public’s view regarding the same.
Besides providing this valuable exchange of ideas, the club also hosts various social functions that include all family members.
The most important aspect of Multiples of Kansas City is the association and communication with other parents of multiples. Parents will find that they are not alone. The other members have experienced some of the problems they encounter in raising their children. A place to discuss these issues with someone who truly understands – because they have been there!
Come experience the camaraderie as we share “multiple” experiences. What a wonderful reason for us to be joined at the hearts and a chance to make new friends!
Anyone who has or is expecting the birth of twins, triplets or higher-order multiples is invited to attend three meetings as a guest.

We have 3 different member types:

  • Members with Twins: Fee is $36.00 for the year.
  • Members with Triplets, Quads or Multiple Sets of Twins: Fee Is $18 for the year.
  • Members with Children that are 7 Or Older: Fee Is $18 for the year.

If you join, as a new member, after January 1st, we prorate your fee to 1/2 for the rest of the “year”.

Our Membership Year Runs From July 1st Through June 30th.