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Supporting multiple birth families.

about Multiples of Kansas City


The Group

Founded in 1959 by Pat DeWitt, a mother of two sets of twins, Multiples of Kansas City remains dedicated to supporting area families who have, or are expecting, multiples.

The club helps parents gain insight into the unique aspects of raising multiples through a variety of resources including fun and informative monthly meetings, guest speakers, small group discussions, optional mentoring programs and social activities. Members find not only a place where parents of all stages in the multiple-birth journey can share and enjoy a common bond, but also where lasting friendships are made.

Above all, members experience the reassurance that they are not alone while navigating through the challenges and blessings of raising multiples.

We are a support group for people who have or are expecting multiple birth children. We meet once a month and offer a “support group” for new parents by giving them an opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences. We also offer a mentor program to help you.

Through these resources, parents may become more aware of the important need for encouraging and supporting individuality among their multiples and also gain the tools to help the public’s view regarding the same.

Besides providing this valuable exchange of ideas, the club also hosts various social functions that include all family members.

The most important aspect of Multiples of Kansas City is the association and communication with other parents of multiples. Parents will find that they are not alone. The other members have experienced some of the problems they encounter in raising their children. A place to discuss these issues with someone who truly understands – because they have been there!

Come experience the camaraderie as we share “multiple” experiences. What a wonderful reason for us to be joined at the hearts and a chance to make new friends!

Anyone who has or is expecting the birth of twins, triplets or higher-order multiples is invited to attend three meetings as a guest.


Membership Types

We have 3 different member types:

  • Members with Twins: Fee is $36.00 for the year.

  • Members with Triplets, Quads or Multiple Sets of Twins: Fee Is $18 for the year.

  • Members with Children that are 7 Or Older: Fee Is $18 for the year.

If you join, as a new member, after January 1st, we prorate your fee to 1/2 for the rest of the “year”.

Our Membership Year Runs From July 1st Through June 30th.


Meet the Board



Brandi Benson Litzenberger

Brandi has been active with Multiples of Kansas City for the past 3 years. She served as membership chair before serving as president. Her favorite part of our club is the awsome friendships with other parents of Multiples. Brandi lives in Smithville with her husband, Mark and two sets of fraternal twins- 4 year old girls, Lilah and Micah, and 2 year old girl/boy twins, Astor and Wade. She works full time as a pediatric chiropractor.


vice president

Becky Asher

Becky is the mother to 5 year old triplet boys: Ollie, Nolan, and Lucas who are in Kindergarten. Before her triplets were born, Becky was a 1st grade teacher in the Blue Valley School District for 6 years. After her children were born, she spent their first five years as a stay at home parent but has reentered teaching as a para-educator. In her free time she enjoys reading, working out, Happy Hours and bacon. She’s been a member of the club since she was 17 weeks pregnant and loves the support that this group offers.



Jennifer Howe

Jennifer is the mother of 6 year old twin girls. She served as Membership Chair from 2013-15 and President from 2017-18. She has a variety of experience in leadership roles. In college, she served on the steering committee for the Catholic Student Association, planning weekly meetings, retreats, speakers and social activities. After college, she served on the parish council and was a leader in her high school youth group. Over the past eighteen years, she has served as editor, treasurer, secretary, vice president, and president of her professional organization at work. She enjoys serving on the board of Multiples of Kansas City because she enjoys getting to know new people and having fun with fellow parents of multiples. She and her husband also enjoy Chiefs games and attending wine tastings.


online communications

Kaitlin Jones

Kait is a stay at home mom to a 4 year old son, 2 year old twin girls and two crotchety old dogs. She lives in Olathe with her family and enjoys reading, running, coffee, camping and bar trivia with her team Lisa Frank the Tank. She has truly enjoyed being involved in the twin community and making so many new friends through a unique bond. This is Kait’s third year on the Board, previously serving as Editor from 2016-17 and Vice President from 2017-18.



Lisa Sharpes

Lisa Sharpes is the mother of 4 year old twin girls. She has been an active member of the club for three years. Her family moved here from St. Louis and she was invited to attend a club meeting while shopping at a craft store. That meeting has led to three years of support and friendship with wonderful people. In her “free” time Lisa is an accomplished photographer and enjoys doing family photo shoots.


Jamie Moran



Ardyth Dearsman

Ardyth is a stay at home mom to 3 year old girl/boy twins who recently started preschool. Her family moved to Overland Park a year ago from Florida when her husband got a job in Kansas City. She is originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia but spent time in the mid-west during college where she attended Indiana University and majored in journalism and political science. Before having children she was an international flight attendant with American Airlines for over 20 years before retiring in February. She enjoys traveling and was lucky to see the world and the US with her job. She looks forward to traveling with her family in the future.


Allison Kaufman

Allison is a stay at home mom to 4 year old fraternal twin girls, Reagan and Olivia. They love getting out and exploring the city and travel as a family. Allison met her husband Chris at the University of Kansas. They recently moved to Leawood and are enjoying putting together their new home. Besides spending time with family, Allison loves reading, shopping, binge watching Netflix, lounging by the pool, and drinking coffee and wine. Before staying at home with her girls, she was a third and fourth grade teacher for 10 years. She misses teaching, but is thankful for the ability to stay home and have the time to become involved in wonderful organizations such as this one.