Seller Handbook

Consignor fees and Commission

  • Every seller will pay a $15 NON-REFUNDABLE fee to participate in the consignment sale. This is to help cover the cost of facility rental, advertising, sale supplies, clothing racks, etc. We will be collecting the $15 seller fee at the time of registration. You can pay this fee either through the website or by mailing a check to the address below. Paying via the website will allow you faster access to the site. If you choose to mail your check, there may be a delay in gaining access to the sale site.

    Multiples of Kansas City

    P.O. Box 480766
    Kansas City, MO 64148

  • Each sale shift/work commitment worked will increase the amount of commission the seller can earn. Each Seller is responsible for determining, at the time of sale registration, the level of work commitment, if any, that can be provided during the sale. The level of work commitment and fulfillment of these duties determine the percentage of club commission deducted from the seller’s check.

  • The MULTIPLES OF KANSAS CITY percentage will be deducted from the seller’s check. The commission percentage is taken from each individual’s gross sales.

  • Because we are a nonprofit, all consignor fees are tax deductible. You may download a letter to submit to your tax preparer along with your earnings check.

  • Beginning with the 2015 Spring Consignment Sale, friends and family (non-club members), outside sellers, may be asked to consign with us and earn 65% to 75% commission.

  • The commission assigned to each sales shift & work commitment is detailed below.
    *Note: This handbook uses the terms “seller” and “consignor” interchangeably.

Commission Rates


Commission Level
Seller Base - 65%
Member Bonus - 5%

Friday Shift 5:30PM-10PM - 5%
Saturday Shift 7:30AM-12PM - 5%

Crew (members only) – Required Shifts
Thursday Set-Up 2PM-8PM (10%), Friday Shift 5:30PM-10PM (5%) and Saturday Teardown (5%) - 20% Total
Thursday Set-Up 2PM-8PM (10%), Saturday Shift 7:30AM-12PM (5%) and Saturday Teardown (5%) - 20% Total

Thursday Racks - 2.5%
 Saturday Racks - 2.5%


Seller Only - 65%
Volunteer Friday or Saturday Shift - 70%


Limit of 15 Big Items
$5 Seller Fee
80% Commission