Seller Handbook

Organizing your inventory

1. Develop your game plan.

Don’t want to wait until a couple days before the sale to get everything done. Pace yourself.

2. Start cleaning out closets, storage containers, the attic, the car, grandma’s house, etc.

3. The great divide:

Worthy of consigning?
Worthy of donating?
Worthy of the dump?

4. For items worthy of consigning:

Take all items out in the light of day or under fluorescent light.
Ask yourself would you want to buy this item? What if your name was on it? Would you want people to know you brought it?
Check each item for:
Any stains?
Any tears?
Are the colors excessively faded?

5. If items are made out of cloth; we recommend you wash the items to make sure they have a fresh smell; especially items that have been in storage or around smoke. Items that smell too intensely of smoke may not be accepted.

Snap every snap, button every button, zip every zipper, tie every bow, etc.
Freshly pressed and starched items will certainly catch the eye of the shoppers. Don’t forget about the appliqués and ribbons.
A needle & thread works wonders…tighten loose buttons, secure hems and appliqués.

6. Shoes: only shoes in very good/excellent condition will be accepted. Please, no holes, worn laces or excessive scuffs. 

Polish, wipe, wash…. do whatever it takes to make them look as good as new!
Tie shoelaces neatly, buckle the buckles and clean out the Velcro to make the shoes look their best.

7. Toys, Toys, Toys are hot sellers!

Wipe down, clean and sanitize.
Include working batteries if required (batteries must be in the items to put on the floor)
Check games, puzzles; anything with accessories to guarantee they are complete.
Package accessories in a clear plastic bag and fold packing tape across the top of the bag to prevent anyone (especially children) from opening and scattering the pieces.
Using a sharpie, write your consignor # on the bag.

8. Bag It

Place all loose items together into a ziploc bag. Things like bottles, socks, outlet plugs, hair bows, hats, feeding supplies, toy accessories/parts, assembly hardware, etc should be sealed into clear, plastic bags.

9. DVDs, CDs & VHS

Please ensure that all of these items are in good, working condition! It is very disappointing to get home and realize your new DVD does not play or the lamp does not work.
Make sure the correct disk or cassette is in its proper case.
Tape the case closed so the media inside cannot come free from the case.

10. Books

Ensure that your books are clean, free from torn pages and scribbles.