Seller Handbook

Preparing and tagging your inventory





Hanger Tips

  • Hang clothing on plastic (NO WIRE!) hangers that are appropriately sized, with the hanger hook turned to the left (like a “?”). Outfits should be arranged as shown, with the top in front and pants hung on back. Attach matching bows, socks, etc, with tagging gun or cable (zip) ties. Please do not use safety pins to attach accessories or clothes pins to attach garments to the hangers.
  • If you would like your hangers back, label your hangers and bring a box or plastic container specifically for your hanger returns. If you don’t label your hangers, you will not get them back.
  • Use hangers whenever possible for any items that can be hung (including onesies, towels, bedding, etc.)
  • Use large (adult-size) hangers to display sheets, baby blankets, and other bedding. For long items use two hangers, one at either end of the item so that the item won’t drag on the floor.  Items sell better if they are hanging.

Tagging your items

  • Attach one consignor tag to each item or outfit; attach the item with a tagging gun through the left armpit, left sleeve, or waistband seam.
  • IMPORTANT: hide the tag in a seam or label to prevent creating holes in the clothing.
  • You can also use the tagging gun to attach multiple items such as top and bottom of an outfit together so they aren’t separated on the sales floor.
  • If your item has multiple pieces tag it with only 1 barcode tag. Then, print your consignor # and “2 of 2,” etc, on masking tape, directly on Ziploc bags, or on a blank tag and attach it to the other pieces.
  • Items may be marked down by crossing through the original price with a red sharpie and noting the new price. DO NOT MARK THROUGH THE BARCODE. Tags that have been marked down will be removed from the item at check-out and available for seller review.
  • Any other changes made on an item’s tag after arrival at the sale, need approval from a Sale Chair. DO NOT MARK THROUGH THE BARCODE!

Ziploc Bags

  • For onesies, socks and other small items, place same-size items in Ziploc bags, and attach your consignor tag using clear packing tape.
  • Seal the top of the bag using packing tape. Fold the tape down across the entire opening of the bag to prevent loss or theft of your items.
  • Make sure tags are attached to the outside of the bag and please do not tape over the barcode/bottom half of the tag.
  • Write your seller number on the outside of your bag using a permanent marker for items with multiple pieces.


If you are selling something that has an existing barcode, please either cover the barcode with your tag or mark with permanent marker through the barcode as seen below.

Examples of things with existing barcodes: books, games, clothing with retail tags, puzzles, VHS/DVDs/CDs, video games & items in original box/packaging.


Only shoes in very good or excellent used condition will be accepted. Shoppers won’t buy your old grubby shoes anyway! Please use cable (zip) ties to connect shoes together. Try to connect them so that at least one shoe can be tried on. Attach the tag through a fabric seam, tag, or Velcro closure. You can also attach the tag to the cable (zip) tie. The picture here has a tag through the Velcro closure.

Large Items

For strollers, cribs, highchairs, car seats, and other large items, tags may be attached using cable (zip) ties or clear packing tape. Please keep the tape on the top half of the tag. DO NOT COVER THE BARCODE OF THE TAG.

Toys & Puzzles

Please secure puzzles and toys with multiple pieces use plastic wrap or Ziploc bags and attach ONE tag. Plastic wrap works well to keep items together (especially all those wooden puzzles!) and prevents pieces from getting lost. Press & Seal wrap works well for wooden puzzles.


Please attach tags to a seam or tag if possible. Please tag the items together so that they can be unfolded for shoppers to look at. For larger, bulky bedding items, think crib bumpers, use yarn or a large resealable plastic bag to keep these together.

Things like plastic comforter bags with a zipper are great to place large bedding or large toys into.  Be saving these kinds of things to reuse at the sale!

We cannot sell items without tags, so please attach your tags securely. Tagging guns work best for clothing or other fabric items. Clear packing tape works well for most other items. For shoes, try cable (zip) ties.

Please use cable (zip) ties to keep multiple piece items together (car seats and strollers, game systems and cartridges, toys and their cases,etc.)