Seller Handbook

The sale weekend

General Seller Responsibilities & Getting Paid

  • Each seller must bring a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to Thursday’s merchandise check-in.

  • Each seller must bring a large box for returns to Thursday’s merchandise check-in. Please bring an additional box for Saturday pick up if you expect a large number of returns.

  • Sellers wanting to have their hangers returned, must bring a large box to Thursday’s merchandise check-in.

  • Each seller must pick up returns and hangers on Saturday between 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. All unclaimed merchandise left after 3:30 p.m.on Saturday will be donated to charity or discarded at the discretion of MULTIPLES OF KANSAS CITY.

  • Earnings checks will be sent to the address you used when registering for the sale.

  • Earnings checks will be mailed within one week of the final day of the sale.

  • Consignors should report errors in consignment percentage and missing inventory ASAP.

  • Failure to abide by the rules and guidelines of our sale, as published in the Sale Handbook. may result in the loss of commission.

EXAMPLES of violations include (but are not limited to):

  • Failure to comply with the tagging, pricing, hanging, sorting and preparation guidelines.

  • Failure to submit season-appropriate items.

  • Submitting items in poor condition (stained, dirty, torn or overly worn).

  • Incorrect use of materials (cardstock issues, misplacement of tags, incorrect use of safety pins, wire hangers).

Load In/Check In

Each consignor will register for a “Consignor Drop-off/Merchandise Check-In” appointment. Please arrive at your scheduled time. Each consignor will pull up, drop off their items in the lobby/hallway area. Once inspected, you may then help put your items out on the floor.  We will have a full set up team to assist you with this process. PRE-SORTING YOUR ITEMS, HAVING ALL ITEMS TAGGED & READY IN THE APPROPRIATE CONTAINERS GREATLY EXPEDITES THE PROCESS. ***ALL merchandise must be pre-sorted PRIOR to CHECK-IN***


Children are not allowed inside the church during the Set-Up/Load In on Thursday.

Children are not allowed inside the church during the sale on Friday.

Children are welcome to shop the sale with their families on Saturday.

This is for their safety.


Tear Down

  • The tear down process begins promptly at 1pm or after our last customer has checked out. ALL Set Up/Tear Down Crew team members will be assigned “tear down” tasks.

  • Saturday shift team workers are welcome to stay after their shifts end @ 1 p.m. Workers are expected to work with the Set Up/Tear Down CREW and expedite the process; everyone staying should be working to complete the overall process, not sorting their personal returns.

  • Tear down continues until complete…this is usually around 4:00. This time is an estimation, please do not plan to be somewhere Saturday afternoon. Reminder, those on the “SET UP/TEAR DOWN” team, in order to receive full commission benefit, the ENTIRE shifts must be worked. Those working the tear-down shift may leave after the final walk-through.

  • All unclaimed items left after 4:00pm on Saturday will be donated or discarded.

Sale Timeline & Shopping Guidelines:


12:00 noon                        SALE COMMITTEE ARRIVE
1:00p                                  Rack Drivers, & Helpers ARRIVE
2:00p                                  SALE SET UP CREW ARRIVES/TEAM MEETING
2:00p – 9:00p                   SALE SET UP/MERCH CK-IN SHIFT
2:00p – 5:00p                   SALE SET UP CREW UNLOAD, as directed
7:30p (approximate)       TEAM MEETING (FOLLOWED BY EXCLUSIVE PRE-SALE SHOPPING FOR                                                      
following shopping          CLEAN-UP & WALK THROUGH


3:30p                                 SALE COMMITTEE ARRIVE
4:00p – 5:30p                  SALE OPEN for all 2016 FALL SHIFT TEAM WORKERS
5:30p – 10:30p                 FRIDAY NIGHT SALE SHIFT
6:00p                                 FRIDAY NIGHT TEAM MEETING
6:15p – 10:00p                 SALE OPEN to all current MULTIPLES OF KANSAS CITY MEMBERS
7:00p – 10:00p                SALE OPEN for Adult GUESTS & OTHER MOTHERS OF MULTIPLES SISTER CLUBS
10:00p – 10:30p              CLEAN UP & WALK THROUGH



7:00a                                  SATURDAY SALE WORKERS ARRIVE
7:30a                                   SATURDAY TEAM MEETING
7:30a – 1:00p                    SATURDAY SALE SHIFT
8:00a – 1:00p                   SALE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
12:00p                                ALL TEAR DOWN CREW MEMBERS MUST CHECK IN FOR TEAR DOWN
1:00p – 2:30p                   TEAR-DOWN & CLEAN-UP
2:30p – 3:00p                   FINAL CLEAN-UP -SELLERS PICK UP - RETURNS/HANGERS;

  • NO ONE will be allowed to check-in merchandise after 7:30 p.m. on Thursday evening unless other arrangements have been pre-approved by the Sale Chairs.

  • NO STROLLERS OR CHILDREN are allowed on Friday Night

  • Members may invite unlimited adult guests to shop Friday night from 7pm-10pm. The Friday night admission for guests is $1.

  • MULTIPLES OF KANSAS CITY members in good standing may make purchases using checks.

  • Friday night guests & public customers must pay for their purchases with CASH OR CREDIT CARD ONLY.