vip tagging guide

The following VIP structure is for NON-members
Members will receive an additional 5% bonus


1- Getting started

  • Gather together all items to sell

  • Arrange to drop off items with VIP tagger

  • Must supply your own plastic hangers (label with last name to get them back after sale)

  • Provide enough bins/boxes for tagger to sort and size all items

2 - my consignment manager

  • Share Login info with VIP tagger

  • VIP tagger will now enter items in My Consignment Manager, package loose items, and tag all items

  • After tagging, all items will be sorted into provided bins by size and type and then be returned to the seller


3 - commission structure

  • After sale, Treasurer will deduct the clubs percentage from the Seller's total sales

  • Then a $10 supply fee will be deducted for the tagger (this covers printing costs, barbs, plastic bags, etc)

  • If Seller works Volunteer Shift, they keep that portion of their sales (5%)

  • The remaining total will be divided 50/50 between the Seller and VIP tagger

4 - drop off / pick up

  • Seller is responsible for signing up for a drop off time on My Consignment Manager and dropping off their own items on Thursday

  • Seller is responsible for picking up unsold merchandise after the sale on Saturday

  • Seller is responsible for picking up hanger boxes if they labeled their hangers


5 - example sales total

  • Total Seller Sales: $500.00

  • Club Commission: 30% (-$150)

  • VIP Tagger Supply Fee (-$10)

  • Volunteer Shift: 5%(+$25)(Optional)

  • Seller/Tagger Split remaining 50/50: ($315)

  • Seller's Take Home: $182.50

  • VIP Tagger's Take Home: $167.50