Seller Handbook

What can I sell?


  • Children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, sizes preemie to 18, gently-used and freshly-laundered. NO HOLES, STAINS OR RESIDUAL ODORS.
  • All matching multiples’ clothes must be hung on separate hangers & priced separately.
  • Children’s equipment: strollers, non-expired car seats (check the label on the car seat!), highchairs, booster seats, excersaucers, bouncy seats, etc.
  • Children’s toys, books, puzzles, videos, CDs and DVDs in working order. All battery-operated toys must have working batteries. We also accept teen & fiction books, books and videos about pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding & or parenting.
  • Children’s accessories: diaper bags, slings and carriers, feeding items, breastfeeding and pumping supplies, baby-proofing, safety items and sports items.


  • Items that have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Review the recall list to ensure all items you consign are safe for children.
  • Stained clothing, clothing with holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, or unpleasant odors including cigarette smoke.
  • Broken or dirty items. Clean all toys before bringing to the sale. Booster seats, strollers and high chairs don’t sell well with the previous owners’ snacks included!
  • Adult clothing.
  • Socks
  • Bras
  • Items not properly packaged, hung up or tagged.
  • Due to the overwhelming volume of items we receive and our interest in maintaining a high-quality event for our shoppers, we reserve the right to refuse any item.



If you are selling a car seat, it must adhere to the following guidelines (seats not meeting these guidelines will be removed)

  • A car seat cannot have been in a accident or be on a recall list
  • The car seat must have all its parts and must not been broken in any way
  • To the best of your knowledge it has all the harness straps, clips, seat cover, padding, bolts and the locking mechanism locks securely.
  • It should contain the identification label and not be expired (check the label on the seat).
  • Car seats cannot be donated at the end of the sale.
  • Children’s décor: bassinet/crib/toddler/twin bedding, picture frames, mobiles, rugs, lamps, etc.
  • Children’s furniture: cribs WITHOUT a drop down side, pack-n-plays, toy boxes, shelves, tables, playhouses, beds, etc.
  • Hot sellers are: Popular brand-name toys, all baby gear, outside toys, bikes, sports/dance gear & wear and good quality toddler boy clothing.